Raffaele Construction’s masons can build the driveway of your dreams whether you’ve always wanted an exposed aggregate or a stone veneer mosaic driveway.

Our staff typically uses handpicked granite and bluestone from quarries in Massachusetts unless our customers request a different type of stone. We chisel stones by hand to fit each client’s specific requirements. Our team welcomes special stone requests for driveways but every stone we install on your property will be cut by hand by a Raffaele Construction contractor.

Whether you want a shimmering new cobblestone driveway or a traditionally paved asphalt one, Raffaele Construction is up to the task.

We can build contemporary driveways or ones that look like they’ve been standing for 100 years. Historic reconstructions are an enjoyable part of the job because our stone cutting methods and final creations look just as old and beautiful as anything we replicate for our clients.

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